Digital Health Record

D.H.R Stands for Digital Health Record means maintaining computerized records of drugs written in doctors prescriptions, pathological or radiological investigation's report findings, blood pressure & blood sugar records etc.

Generally we find that when a patient visits to a doctor for treatment, usually doctor ask about previous treatment and investigations done. Eventually many of us do not keep all previous prescriptions or lab or diagnostic test reports etc. or in some cases the prescriptions are not systematically available, especially in case of some chronic disease or when treatment has been done by many doctors. In this scenario the doctors can prescribe the same medicine or can advice same investigations for the patients which were already done. Also sometimes the physician would not be able to make correct diagnosis instantly till patient undergoes the investigations advised by the doctor. This results in loss of extra time and money of the patient as well as patient has to undergo the same investigations and use of same medications sometimes.

In view of above issues, our efforts have resulted in the concept of digital health record, by which all our doctors prescription and pathology/ diagnostic test reports are digitally preserved and systematized to be accessed anytime and anywhere.

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