Marketing Consultancy

  • ALCPL is providing business promotion to the healthcare organizations for their growth and development through marketing consultancy and advertising.
  • We process an efficient marketing team which is trained and Monitored by the company to get faster breakevens to the healthcare Organizations/institutes.
  • We offer best competitive rates for the healthcare organizations so as The marketing expenses are checked and controlled.
  • Through our telemedicine app we are having active users as patients, paramedicals,pharmacies,diagnostics and labs doctors,super Specialists,insurance agents, businessmen, corporate, public Representatives, health workers, medical representatives etc across the country. Therefore region is not a barrier for ALCPL. We can penetrate as per the requirement of the client in the market.
  • We deal with digital marketing as well to assist the promotions of the organizations and clients
  •    We actively perform health campus of all types like diagnostics / Treatment / awareness / product or service promotion to enhance the Business volume
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